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Fortnite’s account merge feature delayed to 2019

Cross-platform account merging postponed over ‘ongoing technical concerns’

Fortnite - guy lying in field with coins and treasure chest Epic Games

Sony’s lack of cross-platform play bit players in the butt when Fortnite was released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year; many players found that their accounts had already been blocked from use on Nintendo’s console if they had ever been played on PlayStation 4.

Many players had to create entirely new Fortnite accounts to play on Switch. It was a mess, and the ensuing controversy ultimately led to Sony allowing cross-platform play on its console.

While the accounts that were once blocked on Switch due to their use on other platforms have already been freed, Epic Games had also promised a way for players to merge those secondary accounts to keep all their Fortnite purchases on a single account.

This merging feature was supposed to launch this month, but has been delayed until 2019.

“Due to some ongoing technical concerns, we will be delaying the Account Merge feature until early next year,” the Fortnite team wrote in an update. “We want to make sure that this process is thoroughly tested and working properly before releasing it to those of you currently looking to transfer purchases from other accounts to your primary account. We’ll be sure to update you as we get closer to the release of the feature, which will include a web page on launch to help guide you through the flow!”

The Fortnite community doesn’t seem that upset by the news. “I’d rather it be functional than have problems when it comes out,” one player wrote in the game’s subreddit, and that comment is currently the top-voted reaction to the news.

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