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Fortnite’s newest vehicle and patch have been delayed

Patch v7.10 and the new Driftboard won’t be out as soon as we thought

Fortnite season 7 driftboard art Epic Games

Just hours after teasing the existence of Fortnite’s newest, probably snowboard-like vehicle, Epic Games has announced that the vehicle, called the Driftboard, won’t be released with the game’s upcoming patch.

Fans initially glimpsed the board back in Epic’s first official tease of the new season, where a character riding a snowboard could be seen just off the side of the image. The season 7 update came and went with no mention of the new vehicle. However, it appears Epic was just biding its time.

On Monday, Epic tweeted a a cryptic series of emojis that seemed to point toward the board’s existence, then posted another tweet that started with the phrase “almost time to shred.” However, just a few hours later, the company posted a thread on the game’s official subreddit explaining that it had found a bug with the Driftboard, and that it wouldn’t be releasing the vehicle with patch v7.10, which was originally slated to go live on Tuesday morning.

That wasn’t the end of the bad news for the patch, however. Just a half hour later, in a new tweet, Epic announced that it had found a larger issue that would delay the release of the patch altogether. It isn’t clear now when this update will be available. Also unclear is whether or not the Driftboard will be included with the patch when it does arrive.

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