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Fortnite Season 7’s first teaser is here

Winter is coming ... so break out the snowboard?

Fortnite season 7 tease Epic Games
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It seems like only a few months ago that Epic Games brought pets into our lives with the launch of Fortnite season six, but it’s already time to say goodbye to the current season. With the Halloween season coming to a close season seven is on the way to officially welcome winter to Fortnite, at least based on Epic’s latest Twitter tease.

The image in the teaser certainly appears to be winter-themed, with a shadowy figure made up of stars in the night sky and two glowing white eyes. The figure is silhouetted in frost-blue ice and a white field that’s flecked with gray at the edges. Other than the general cold theme, we aren’t getting much from this teaser image, but there might be a few things we can pull out.

First of all, the figure the image is focused on certainly appears to be wearing a crown of some sort, and doesn’t exactly look friendly. What exactly this means is hard to tell, but it could be a tease of a new metagame villain or — most likely — a tease of one of the upcoming Battle Pass skins for the new season, which could end up looking like a cross between the Lich King from World of Warcraft and the Night King from Game of Thrones.

More importantly though, it would appear that there’s a small figure on our new dark-and-scary friend’s shoulder. If you look a little closer, it would appear that this figure is ... snowboarding? It seems like this could be a hint at a new mechanic or item in the game that could allow you to race around a newly snow-covered map.

This tweet is just the first of what’s sure to be many teases about the upcoming season from Epic over the next several days, and while those might shed some light on the changes, we’ll have to wait until the season launches to be sure. According to the tweet at that accompanied this teaser, Fortnite season seven should launch on Thursday, Dec. 6.

But, the new season isn’t the only thing that Epic is teasing about Fortnite. According to official tweets, there’s also a special announcement coming at The Game Awards on Thursday, Dec. 6. While this announcement seems perfectly timed with season seven, Epic has clarified that it’s something else entirely.

Update: Epic has release the final teaser for the new season.

Epic Games

There’s quite a bit going on here. First of all, we’re getting a close up on what looks like a zip line, which we knew already from yesterday’s teaser. What exactly is attached to the zip line is another question. The odds are good that this is a skin of some kind, but is it a person in a snow suite ... or based on the feet, something a little more yeti like? Either way it’s further proof that zip lines are likely on their way in the upcoming season. Also noticeable in this post is the thing in the background which looks to be an biplane, but it’s doubtful that this means flying vehicles are coming in season seven.

Update: Epic has released the second teaser for season seven.

Epic Games

This time around we’re getting a close up of a snowboarder, making the inclusion of the item even more likely, while in the background we can see someone holding a gun while traveling down a zip line, which would also be a new introduction to the game.