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Fortnite update adds LMGs and fixes ‘dick bullets’

50v50 v2 has finally been activated for Battle Royale

Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest content update (v3.5.2) is here, and while the Battle Royale changes may not have been as apocalyptic as some fans were hoping, this patch does add a new gun, the light machine gun (LMG); activates the 50v50 limited-time game mode; and fixes one of patch v3.5’s most frustrating bugs.

As for Save the World, the main draw in this patch will be the new Encore missions as well as a neon skin for the LMG.

For Battle Royale players, the most important and noticeable change is that you can once again easily shoot over the top of structures, thanks to a fix for the “dick bullets” bug that was introduced with patch 3.5. That bug caused players to have to peek higher than normal to shoot over obstacles and made their bullets hit walls instead of the player they were meant for.

Battle Royale’s other big addition, the LMG, which will come in both rare and epic varieties. With more building-destroying potential than the assault rifle and more accuracy and damage than the minigun, the LMG should occupy a sweet spot right in the middle of those two guns and could end up being one of the game’s best weapons late in squad matches.

This patch’s only big addition to the PvE Save the World game mode is a couple of new missions that are part of the Into the Storm: Encore campaign. These missions will also unlock a some of the new Cyberpunk Heroes that were added with last week’s patch.

For a full look at patch v3.5.2 you can check out Epic’s patch notes.

Fortnite is having a double XP weekend, starting today, April 19. The option to earn double the experience will run through Sunday, April 22.

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