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Amazing Fortnite Battle Royale replay looks like pure cinema

The Citizen Kane of replay videos?

Sure, you can use Fortnite Battle Royale’s new replay feature as intended: to rewatch your matches or study footage to brush up on your skills. But you can also make some really neat mini-movies with it, as we’ve already explained. Epic Games is encouraging players to do just that with the Replay Royale contest, which runs until April 26. And it seems like Epic may have already found its favorite video.

Enzait has been editing games into beautiful cinematics for several years, and sharing some of their greatest YouTube uploads on Twitter. Their Replay Royale entry, “Revenge,” caught Epic’s eye when Enzait tweeted it out — and with Epic’s boost with its own laudatory tweet, the video has now amassed more than 20,000 likes on Twitter and nearly 60,000 views.

It’s easy to see why Epic’s heaping on the love. Enzait played with numerous angles and shots, added in some tense action-thriller music and managed to tell a legitimate story in 90 seconds. There’s even some nice rack focusing in there, courtesy of the game’s own autofocus functionality.

There are some other entries that are raking in the views, like the story-driven “The MedKit,” from YouTuber Syphon. It’s another stunning attempt at pushing Fortnite Battle Royale toward its limits, but Syphon’s five-minute contest entry can’t quite compete with Enzait’s visual pleasure. Check it out below, and share some of your favorite Replay Royale videos down in the comments.

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