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Fortnite teases superheroes and aliens for apocalyptic season 4 (update)

Fortnite’s season four could be bringing some huge changes

Update: The latest tweet from the official account shows another superhero. It looks like we’ll be getting a steady stream of reveals and hints until the fourth season launches.

Fortnite’s third season is drawing to a close, and it looks like major changes may be coming to the game with season four. Shooting stars are now showing up with much greater frequency, and the in-game televisions are locked to what appears to be a test pattern. Things are getting tense, and no one quite knows what to expect.

And then there’s this new tweet from the official Fortnite account:

It’s strange that this is the image Epic Games has decided to to tease the fourth season, one day before one of the largest superhero events in pop culture history hits movie theaters. Coincidence? We think not.

Meanwhile, things are getting real in Fortnite’s story. Players are noticing UFO-like shapes near the comet. You can listen to data-mined sound files that may play once the meteors begin to hit.

So what does all this mean? Aliens. And superheroes. And Tilted Towers may be destroyed. Whatever is going to happen, it’s going to be big, and it’s going to destroy everything you loved about the game forever.

Or maybe not! But the idea that the map could change in a major way, or that superhero skins could show up with the in-game justification that heroes are now here to fight the aliens, is pretty fun — or maybe the superheroes are the aliens. I’m personally holding out hold for Mulder and Scully skins.

In the game’s Save the World mode, a new mission that discusses alien abduction and has you collecting telescopes may also provide clues. Those aliens are up to something, dammit.

The third season is expected to end on April 30, so expect some big things to happen in the next few days. Epic Games has done a great job building anticipation for this event, planting clues about what might be going on and coming next.

If you’re going to try to balance an area like Tilted Towers, manufacturing a huge in-game event complete with a virtual emergency broadcast system is a pretty dramatic way to do it. But who knows what will actually happen if an when the comets start to hit? This is going to be a fun mystery to solve.

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