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Here’s all the new stuff from the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

There are over 70 new cosmetics items this season

Fornite Battle Royale’s new Season 4 Battle Pass is here, and it has over 70 new cosmetic items. While it may take a while to unlock everything, here’s a sneak preview of what exactly is included in the pass.

Just like in Season 3, this season’s Battle Pass comes with a whole bunch of new character skins — seven total — as well as five new emotes and three new gliders. All of these cosmetics are likely to show up in more and more of your games over the next few weeks as players unlock them.

Unlocking all 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass will probably take somewhere between 75 and 150 hours, just like it did last season. If you aren’t exactly the patient type, you can also buy the levels you need for about 14,000 V-Bucks. If you don’t want to spend anything, don’t worry; Epic gives every player a Silver Pass to level up that will include a couple of free goodies, and any levels you earn with the Silver Pass will carry over if you decide to upgrade to the Battle Pass later on.

The Season 4 Battle Pass will remain available until the last day of the season, July 9.


The Season 4 Battle Pass comes with seven new skins, starting with the Battlehawk and Carbide skins — which are unlocked for everyone that buys the Battle Pass — all the way up to Omega, the pass’ final reward, unlocked at Tier 100.


A few new emotes came along this season, with the Orange Justice as the clear standout and likely community favorite.

Sprays and Emoticons

Sprays are new to Fortnite and allow players to tag walls and structures. Meanwhile, Epic added quite a few new emoticons to help players express themselves.


Trails may only be visible for the first couple seconds of a game, but Season 4 is giving players a few cool choices to jump into matches with.

Loading screens

Loading screens are pretty easy to take for granted, but there are some great new options that pay homage to everyone’s favorite skins from last season.

Back Bling

Not a lot of Back Bling in this Battle Pass. The absence of any kind of cape for our superheroes is also particularly notable.


Apart from Candy Crash, the other two new gliders in this season are by far the sleekest Epic has released and different from anything else in the game so far.


Not much in terms of axes here, although Gale Force does look great in-game.

Banner icons

These might be the most overlooked cosmetic from the Battle Pass, but Epic has done a great job of giving players interesting options, should they ever decide to actually customize their banners.

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