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Top YouTubers, Twitch streamers partner for major Fortnite tournament

32 streamers, YouTubers will participate

Fortnite myth
Myth playing Fortnite.

Ninja isn’t the only streamer drawing people in for Fortnite tournaments. Friday Fortnite, a celebrity Fortnite Battle Royale tournament created by DramaAlert host Keemstar, kicks off today at 4 p.m. ET.

The tournament will host 32 players broken down into 16 teams. Ninja, arguably the biggest Fortnite streamer in the world, won’t be participating, but fans of popular YouTubers and Twitch personalities will be pleased with the rest of the roster.

Members of FaZe Clan, Clout Gang, OpTic Gaming and TSM’s Myth will participate to earn the winner’s title, alongside popular individual streamers like FouseyTube, GreekGod, Mr. Beast and even Logan Paul. Since Fortnite doesn’t have an official tournament mode, Fortnite Friday participants will be required to initiate a squad game session when their team is hosting.

“Then they will invite his teammate, and their opponents to the game session and then begin their match,” a description on the Friday Fortnite site reads.

The rules for the tournament, according to esports tournament coordinator UMG, are as follows:

For this tournament you will play two games. Each game you must keep track of your kills for each game played. The combined amount of kills for each game will determine which team will win the match. If out of the two games played the kills are tied a third map will be played to determine a winner for the match.

There isn’t one dedicated streaming home for the tournament, but each streamer and YouTuber involved in the tournament is expected to cast matches on their own channels.

Friday Fortnite kicks off at 4 p.m. ET. We’ve embedded Keemstar’s Twitch stream below.

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