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Fortnite hero builds website to track weekly Battle Pass challenges

The world is still good

Fortnite Epic Games

Not all heroes wear capes.

Reddit user Tmant1234 is one of those heroes. Tmant1234 is the developer behind Fort-Friend, an interactive website dedicated to keeping track of weekly Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite.

Users can check in week-after-week to see all the Battle Pass challenges and their locations on the map. An interactive checklist makes it easy to track which ones you’ve done and which you have yet to do.

Fort-Friend Fortnite
Fort-Friend map.

Tmant1234 answered a few questions about the map on Reddit, calling Fort-Friend a personal project that he’s been working on for the past couple of weeks. When asked if people could jump on the project to help out, Tmant1234 said it’s certainly a possibility.

“It’s been just me for the past couple of weeks, but if there’s interest that is completely a possibility for the future,” they said on Reddit. “All the code is on github and I have no problem sharing if there’s interest (I’ll probably put this info on the site in an update going out later today).”

Tmant1234 is working on is improving users’ mobile experience, including potentially using a higher-resolustion image of Fortnite’s map to make it easier to navigate on a small screen.

Fort-Friend is a great way to track your progress, and our own guides can help you move forward if you get stuck on the specifics of how to achieve each goal.

Fort-Friend is still in an early stage of development, but Tmant1234 is prepared to update it every week when new Challenges appear. The github link isn’t available yet, but Tmant1234 said they’ll update the thread as soon as possible with more information in case you want to jump in and help with the project.

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