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Fortnite’s shopping cart is already a wonderful, silly meme

Because of course it is

A shot of the shopping cart in Fortnite Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite is a good, goofy game that allows people to decide just how seriously they want to take their matches.

There are players, like Ninja or TSM_Myth, who are essentially playing at the professional level. There are popular streamers, like Kaceytron, who are talented players, but focused heavily on entertaining through streaming. Then there are unspoken heroes, like ProtoFTW, a popular streamer well known in the Fortnite community for his Twitch account and uncanny ability to create very impressive memes.

Memes are crucial to a culture’s success. Fortnite is a perfect example. The game undergoes frequent updates, and those changes to the game give players plenty of opportunity to tinker with editing, creating valuable memes in the process. Fortnite’s most recent update, for example, introduced ridable shopping carts. The community did not disappoint.

The above meme accomplishes a lot in a short period of time. It combines Fortnite’s new shopping cart, the popular “Shooting Stars” meme and even some Nyan Cat vibes. It’s a culmination of spending far too much time on the internet, watching stupid videos and wanting to contribute to the trend.

ProtoFTW’s video is easily one of the better memes to come out in the past 24 hours, but other people found their own way to have fun with Fortnite’s shopping cart. Mashups based on Furious 7 and Mad Max: Fury Road have also found their way to YouTube and Reddit.

There are covers of a popular Family Guy joke alongside the typical childish debauchery that an addition like the shopping cart will bring to the game. Players are discovering new gameplay methods to use with the shopping cart — including equipping and firing off an RPG backwards to get more speed while riding the cart. Still, it’s hard to contest Fortnite’s best use of the shopping cart is to create the most imaginative, and silliest, memes.

And remember — more than one person can ride a shopping cart, so don’t let imaginary restrictions stop you from creating a true piece of glitchy, digital art.

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