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Fortnite’s dancing Thanos is being edited into Marvel movies by fans

This is the internet we deserve

Thanos Guardians
Thanos dancing with Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanos is Fortnite’s newest playable character, but all people want to do is make him dance.

Even Polygon.

Thanos dancing — or Danceos as I like to call him — has also become the latest obsession for video editing wizards. The concept is simple: Take dancing Thanos out of his Fortnite home, and place him in various scenes from Marvel movies.

The addition of Fortnite’s Thanos to the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems obvious, but it doesn’t take away from its ludicrous hilarity. Watching Thanos eat popcorn as the Avengers stand in the middle of New York City during Loki’s invasion — an attack that Thanos himself ordered — is totally absurd.

Thanos is an attraction. His time in Fortnite is limited, and that makes players want to seek him out immediately. He’s a hulking figure who’s nearly impossible to ignore, and players want nothing more than to soak in his entire presence. Like one Redditor, who posted an in-game image of a Fortnite player standing beside Thanos, eating from a bucket of popcorn and staring up in awe:

While Thanos’ role in Fortnite includes some interesting gameplay mechanics — being able to harness the Power Stone gives him a slight edge over other players — it’s pretty clear that all anyone really wants to do is make him dance. Especially if you imagine Thanos busting out some killer moves to classic ’80s synth-pop, as seen in the video below.

Look, Thanos may be the current ruler of the universe based on the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but he’s also going to dance like his life depends on it. We should all support his more peaceful, fulfilling endeavor.

If you’re looking to use Thanos in-game, however, and not just as a dancing troll, we have a detailed analysis on how Marvel’s big-bad handles.

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