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Fortnite’s Save the World mode campaign, more updates detailed

A new campaign, new enemies and the return of a fan favorite mode are coming soon

Epic Games
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While developer updates on the future of Fortnite Battle Royale are released in a near constant stream, the team behind Fortnite’s other game mode, Save the World, prefers to offer us big news posts a little less often. The newest of these is “Save the World State of Development — June 2018,” in which the Save the World development team goes into a few details about what fans can expect over the next few months.

The first big update focuses on making the game a safer place for everyone as the team discusses the mode’s new reporting system which, starting next week, will let players know when someone they have reported gets issued a punishment. While not every report will result in a punishment, those that Epic is able to substantiate could result in suspensions, temporary bans or even permanent bans, depending on the behavior.

On the gameplay side of Save the World, the development team gave fans their first sneak peak at the game mode’s newest campaign and environment: Canny Valley. The desert terrain will provide players a space for missions that will dive deeper into Fortnite’s story and the events that helped start the Storm. Also on the way are some new enemies, including two scheduled to come out very soon — a new version of the Shielder and something called a Zapper — with a few more coming in the next couple of months.

Finally, Epic is bringing back the Challenge the Horde mode to Save the World, which will be the central event for update v5.0. This mode throws players directly into the action in a pre-built fort and gives them a short amount of time to prepare themselves with traps and weapons before waves of zombies enter the fray.

All of these additions are expected to hit Fortnite within the next couple of months, with patch v4.5 expected to release next week, while patch v5.0 should accompany the release of Season Five on July 10.

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