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Here are Fortnite Season 5’s teases so far

This is what might be in store for tomorrow’s release

Fortnite - old-school carriage Epic Games
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Fortnite Season 5 is almost here, but we still don’t really know much about it. Sure, we have a pretty good idea that the theme of the season is going to be time travel, but we know a whole lot less than we did last season when we thought the theme would be superheroes.

While time travel, or different historical eras, has been teased in a few different places, the best evidence we have to go on is the tease we’ve been receiving from Epic in various places. Whether they are coming from inside the game, or just tweets about the game, Epic has given us a few good hints as to what we might see when we log in tomorrow at the start of Season 5.

So, in the lead-up to the new season, we decided to take a look at all the teasers so far, and try to figure out exactly when they came from and what they might mean.

Jurassic Period: Dinosaur bones

Epic Games

Sure, technically this could be any era of dinosaur bones, but we’re going to call it Jurassic. This is a little interesting because technically we have been getting hints of dinosaurs in Fortnite since the beginning of this season, so there’s really no telling what this might be teasing.

18th century Europe: The carriage

Fortnite - old-school carriage Epic Games

This teaser popped out of a rift in-game, as you can see in this Reddit post from user TimSad. Technically, this carriage could be a catch-all for anything from multiple centuries, so it should leave Epic with plenty of room to explore European history. Some players have speculated that this may turn into a real vehicle, perhaps one that could replace the shopping cart, but that seems pretty unlikely. Especially considering that’s not how carriages work at all.

Pirates: The anchor

Another teaser that comes to us via an in-game rift, this one is just a rusty anchor sitting on the ground. It isn’t much to go on, but it seems likely that this could imply pirates of some form, likely skins, are on their way this season.

Feudal Japan: The kitsune mask

This image was tweeted by the official Fortnite account on Monday morning, three days before the launch of the new season. There have been a couple different interpretations of this one, but Edo era Japan certainly makes the most sense. After all the mask looks almost identical to common kitsune (fox) masks. According to Japanese folklore, kitsune were thought to be trickster spirits that could shapeshift into human form, which could make this the perfect inspiration for a Battle Pass skin.

Vikings: The ax

Another tweet from Epic, this time a little more Viking-inspired. It’s an ax and it looks distinctly Norse — there isn’t much else to this story. But if this is a harvesting tool we can unlock through the Battle Pass, then it immediately becomes one of the five best cosmetics in Fortnite.