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Fortnite’s season 5 trailer hints at function of rifts, anomalies and real-world events

Our world is coming into contact with Fortnite

Fortnite doesn’t really have a story as much as it has events that hint at a broad outline of what’s going on. Those events spread out into our world in the lead up to season five, with the Durr Burger sign showing up in the Los Angeles desert. The new trailer for season five gives at least a few hints about what’s going on, and you can watch it at the top of this post.

While many players had assumed that the story would focus on traveling through time, it seems like the theme of this season is a lot broader, and it involves the rifts that have been growing through the past two weeks.

Not only are we seeing characters and locations that seem to be coming from different time periods, the trailer shows how the game is throwing things into our world and also pulling things from reality into the in-game map. Was the masked characters just a random person who was in the right place in the wrong time, or does he have more of a purpose in the game?

With the patch notes hinting that we should find rifts and jump through them, without explaining what’s going to happen once we do so, this trailer continues to ask questions that may have interesting in-game answers. The story is likely to continue throughout the season, or at least more things are going to happen as the game is patched and players explore the new map.

Fortnite season five is out now, and the servers have just come online.