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Fortnite’s new golf kart is fun, balance be damned

Who knew a golf cart could be such an effective weapons platform?

Epic Games

Fortnite’s shopping cart was an interesting addition, but it wasn’t a powered vehicle. You could coast down hills and protect yourself from falling damage, but there was no engine on the dang thing, just your own two feet and gravity.

The All Terrain Kart, or the ATK, added in season five, has upped the stakes considerably when it comes to Fortnite’s vehicle situation.

I’ve been able to drive it around for a few matches now, and it’s an interesting beast. It’s zippy, but not so fast that it’s jarring. Fortnite’s map was already appropriately sized for your character’s running speed; a truly fast vehicle could make everything seem a bit too small. You can, however, get a Mario Kart-style speed boost if you hold down the space bar and drift around a turn.

And you can drive through the rifts, which is a good time, although tactically dubious.

The patch notes stated that you could shift your weight in the ATK as a passenger to help with jumps, but even with four people on voice chat working together we weren’t able to see much of a difference in jump distance when trying this trick. We did, however, find out that it’s a lot of fun for everyone to shake their hips at the same time.

Passengers in the back can open fire on enemy targets, and the player in the passenger side of the kart can build while the kart is moving to create cover, ramps or bridges to get you where you need to go. The top of the kart is a bounce pad, which means you can use the kart almost like a support structure to get your team where they need to go, however they need to get there.

And Fortnite continues to lean into its playful side by supporting actual in-game go cart races.

The ATK is one of those additions to Fortnite that shows how much Epic Games is invested in the idea of making the game fun and interesting, perhaps sometimes at the cost of balance. The ATK is going to introduce the possibility of some wacky strategies that could shake up how the game is played, and perhaps even won, and that disruption is Epic’s stated goal with some of this new content.

Is it a fair addition? I have no clue. Is it fun? Absolutely.

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