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Here’s everything that’s included in Fortnite’s Season 5 Battle Pass

This might just be the best Fortnite Battle Pass ever

Fortnite’s new Season 5 Battle Pass is here, and that means we have a whole host of new cosmetics to check out.

Last season’s Battle Pass was far and away the best one that Epic had released up until that point. While it didn’t have the excitement of the John Wick skin, it had some great emotes, customizable skins, and some nice extras like gliders and axes. Thankfully, Epic is keeping that trend going, because this Battle Pass is even better.

Season 4’s Battle Pass skins were pretty good at best. Omega and Carbide looked good when you got their armor, and Teknique remains one of Fortnite’s best skins, but otherwise they weren’t great. This season, though, there’s hardly a weak skin in the group of seven. And the final skin is a viking warrior that happens to look a little like another video game character from earlier this year.

So, if you want a small preview of everything that awaits you through the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass, we have you covered.


Epic has outdone itself this time. While a couple of last season’s skins felt a little lackluster, this season, almost every single one in the Battle Pass is fantastic and looks great in-game.


The new emotes are a lot of fun, but it’s a shame that nothing here seems to be able to hold a candle to Orange Justice.

Loading screens

Once again, Epic is using last season’s skin promo art for loading screens, and once again, it’s really cool. There is also a piece of concept art for the Huntress in the loading screens that is one of the best Epic has ever released.


These gliders are mostly OK, but the Viking llama boat is amazing. The oars on the side move as if you are sailing through the sky.


One is made of balloons. If you wanted more, I don’t know what to tell you.


The new trails are fantastic this season. While last season started the trend of making the trails fit the season’s theme, this time around Epic clearly went the extra mile to make each one feel exciting and special.


These are a lot of fun because they actually work. Both the Basketball and the Golf Ball have real in-game minigames attached to them.

Back bling

Nothing too exciting here. The shield is pretty nice, but if you had your hopes up for a free cape, you’re going to be a little disappointed.


This season there are quite a few cool new sprays, and they’re a lot more interesting than last season’s PSA sprays.


These emoticons are fine; there’s not much to them. But I guess now you could play a game of Red Light, Green Light with your friends if you wanted?

Banner icons

They’re banner icons. A few of them fit the theme, some are pretty neat, but they still only show up on your profile.

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