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Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass, skin upgrades and hidden challenges

Fortnite’s long-term challenges are back for a new season and more mysteries

Fortnite - Drift skin in season 5
The Drift skin.
Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest Battle Pass is here, and while we have seen everything you can unlock from leveling it up, it seems it still has a few more surprises in store.

Much like last year, the Season 5 Battle Pass has a few hidden challenge categories to complete before you really unlock everything. The first two relate to the first and last skins that players can unlock in the Battle Pass (just like Season 4’s Carbide and Omega). The Drift and Ragnarok skins will both have special pieces of armor and clothing that unlock and can be equipped optionally. After unlocking four pieces of armor, these challenges will also reward players with a custom themed axe that matches the skin they are attached to.

The challenge list for the Drift skin
Epic Games

Each piece of new gear for these two skins will be locked behind a challenge that requires a certain amount of experience to unlock. That means that these cosmetics are tied mostly to amount of time played, rather than a more specific challenge. Thankfully, these challenges will be available for you to complete forever, unlike last season when they disappeared as soon as the season ended. That means that everyone who gets a Battle Pass is likely to unlock the fully upgraded versions of these skins, it’s just a matter of when.

The challenge list for the Ragnarok skin
Epic Games

The third and final challenge that comes with this season’s Battle Pass is the Road Trip Challenge, which Season 4 players will recognize as being almost identical to the Blockbuster Challenge. This challenge requires players to complete all the weekly challenges over seven weeks before unlocking a secret legendary skin. During Season 4, that skin was called The Traveler, and his release kicked off the beginning of teases for Season 5.

Road Trip Challenge
Epic Games

While the season may have just started, it’s never too early to get a jump on completing those challenges. After all, there are probably still a few more secrets that we have yet to find in Season 5.

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