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Fortnite on iOS just got a huge upgrade: auto fire

New control setting makes the game way more playable on a touchscreen

It’s fair to say that the iOS version of Fortnite isn’t exactly home to the most skilled set of players. Since it’s locked to touchscreen controls, high-level play on the mobile version is extremely tough. On PC you may see jump-shotting, build-heavy snipers, whereas on mobile it’s not uncommon to enter a room and stare at another player for a few seconds as both of you fumble with the controls.

With the launch of Fortnite Season 5, that all changes. A new control setting has been added on the iOS version called “auto fire,” which increases player competency massively. Here’s how it works:

If you are wielding a gun and someone happens to stumble through your aiming reticle, the game will automatically fire at them. Simple as that. It’s actually a bit smarter, though, as the game will only auto-fire if you’re in range. Aim at a sniper with a shotgun from 100 yards away and it won’t do squat. But if you rush into a room with an SMG, it’ll start firing away whenever you have the enemy in your sights.

This means you’ll no longer have to struggle with finding the fire button or double-tapping the screen awkwardly to start blasting away. All the clumsy stuff is handled for you.

Some things to know: This doesn’t impact sniper rifles, so you’ll still need to tap a button to fire those. Ditto for your pickaxe. But just about every other gun seems to be impacted.

Does this mean mobile players will be able to compete with PC players on crossplay servers? Probably not, but the divide did get a lot narrower. Speed-building on mobile remains extremely wonky, so that’ll always be a detriment. But for simple, one-on-one gun battles, all the mobile player needs to do is train their reticle at the target, whereas a PC player has to properly time their shots. Meeting a PC player used to be a death sentence, now it’s a bit more of a death lottery. Odds aren’t great, but there’s at least a chance of survival.

Even with this change, the mobile version remains the easiest place to nab yourself a victory, thanks to a more casual user base. So if you’re finding yourself outmatched on other platforms, this may just be the place for you.

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