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Epic is celebrating Fortnite’s one-year anniversary with new cosmetics

And everyone is invited to the party

Epic Games

Fortnite is coming up on its one-year anniversary, and developer Epic Games has a few surprises in mind to celebrate.

In Battle Royale, players will be greeted by a brand-new three-part challenge when they log in on July 24, the first official day of the celebration. The first of these challenges will award players with 5,000 experience points for just playing 14 matches, the second will net players a happy birthday emote for dealing 1,000 damage and the final challenge will get players a happy birthday spray if they dance in front of 10 birthday cakes. Complete all three of these and you’ll unlock a birthday cake back bling.

Epic Games

Meanwhile in Save the World, all players will have to do is complete the Fortnite Birthday questline and they’ll gain the new Birthday Brigade Ramirez hero. Save the World players can also spend their tickets on a new Birthday Llama which can contain heroes and weapons from every event so far this year.

It’s exciting to see Epic hosting a large event like this to celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday, but it’s even more exciting that the challenges won’t be hard to complete. Whether you’re a casual player of both Save the World and Battle Royale, or a veteran with hundreds of wins you’ll be able to earn your birthday rewards.

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