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Fortnite’s Slurp Juice is getting some big changes in next patch

Your health will now be replaced before you get any benefits to your shield

Two characters look at an explosion, one is holding a container of Slurp Juice Epic Games

Fortnite’s Slurp Juice gives you one point of health and one point for your shield every second after consumption, ending when 50 points have been granted in both areas. But the item is being given a significant overhaul in the next patch.

It all began with a fan on the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit who posted an idea about how they thought Slurp Juice should work:

The idea being that the item would be work 100 points total, but it would fill up health before moving onto shields. If your health were full, you’d be granted 100 shield.

“Hey, that’s a neat idea...” Epic Games’ Jshredz posted, but the rest of the news was then broken by Fortnite’s design lead, Eric Williamson.

“Dude, don’t skimp on the deets!” Williamson wrote. “In 5.10 Slurp will give 75 points (2hp/s), but prioritize HP first. If HP is full it’ll go to Shield.”

When fans asked if that meant the change was coming to the next patch, the timing was confirmed by another member of the development team.

“Our versioning strategy changed very recently so 5.10 is correct, then the next biweekly patch afterward would be 5.20, and so on,” Epic Games’ Neuronbasher wrote. “A minor patch between 5.10 and 5.20 could be either 5.10.1 or 5.11, depending on things like whether a new client patch was necessary and other boring internal tooling details.”

We’re not often given details about changes this big before the patch notes go live, but this was a fun surprise for Monday morning.

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