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Fortnite’s Playground Mode will return on July 25 with new options, more loot

This is the first time fans will get to explore Playground mode in Season 5

Playground Mode Epic Games
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One of Fortnite’s most popular modes now has a return date. Developer Epic Games announced on Twitter that Playground Mode will return to the game on July 25, with a few new upgrades, as a part of patch v5.10.

It’s unclear exactly what upgrades might make their way to the mode during this patch, but Epic was kind enough to tease of few of the things we can expect.

The first change seemingly on its way is a new team select option, which should allow players to go head-to-head more efficiently, and practice their build battling. This addresses one of the community’s biggest complaints about the mode, which they argued allowed players to edit structures placed by other players because they were technically allies. This made build battling hard to practice since that isn’t something you can normally do.

That seems to be the only concrete change Epic is teasing for now, but the tweet also mentions this new version of Playground containing, “lots more loot.” We don’t know what exactly this might be, but it too might be aimed at fixing a common complaint: there wasn’t enough loot or ammo. Materials in Playground mode were plentiful, but it was far too easy to run out of ammo, shields or even find the guns you wanted. Hopefully, whatever change this tweet might imply will fix those issues, and let players get back to the action even faster in Playground mode.

As for the more creatively minded Playground players, this will be the first version of Playground to feature the new ATK vehicle. That means we can likely expect some intricately designed race tracks and stunt courses. Or hey, maybe you just want to drop in and enjoy a round of golf?

This new version of Playground combined with already announced changes to slurp juice and the new SMG, hints that patch v5.10 is shaping up to be pretty huge. We won’t know exactly what’s in the patch until the notes are released later this week.

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