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Fortnite’s famous rescue mission now has a permanent memorial in-game

Chaperdoodle will never be forgotten

Epic Games via Muselk

Last week, the Fortnite community was enraptured by the elaborate rescue plan of Australian YouTuber Muselk. It all started when Muse found a player who seemed to have gotten themselves stuck off the side of the map with no materials. The player, Chaperdoodle, seemed desperate to escape, and friendly enough not to shoot, so, Muse decided to help them out. That’s when things got extremely silly.

The clip picked up a ton of attention on Reddit, where Epic employees found it and enjoyed it so much they retweeted it from the game’s official account.

Now, in the first update since Muselk’s incredible rescue attempt, Epic has immortalized the mission with an in-game memorial. As you can see in this nice little video tour by Reddit user StoreBrandEnigma, Chaperdoodle now has their own tombstone, as well as some tires to help any other player that might actually have materials jump and build their way back onto the map.

It’s always good to see Epic jumping in to have a little fun with the memes the community enjoys and this is a particularly fun example of commemorating a wonderful community moment. Even Muse was touched by the gesture.

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