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Where are Fortnite’s birthday challenges?

The cake is on its way

Epic Games

There was supposed to be a selection of challenges to celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday included with this morning’s patch, but some players are reporting that the challenges are missing from the game.

Epic Games has cleared up the mystery: If you don’t have the challenges yet, they’ll be added when the shop refreshes tonight.

“It looks like the Birthday Challenges are late to the party for some Battle Royale players,” Fortnite’s official Twitter account explained. “They’ll arrive when the Store refreshes at 8pm Eastern Time.”

The challenges themselves will be simple to complete once they’re added to the game universally; you just need to dance in front of 10 cakes, deal 1,000 points of damage to enemy players and play 14 games. You’ll be given 5,000 XP, a new emote, a new spray and, ultimately, a birthday cake-style back bling for your troubles. Most players will likely be able to finish these challenges without even thinking about it.

Epic Games

If you were searching for the challenges in vain, now you know: They’re on their way.

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