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Fortnite’s Solo Showdown competitive mode has returned

Invites to a future Summer Showdown event could be on the line for top performers

Epic Games

Fortnite’s Solo Showdown has returned to the game, giving players a way to compete for in-game currency and a shot at the big time. This is the first time Solo Showdown has appeared during the game’s fifth season.

Solo Showdown is all about the competitive experience and scoring points as the mode tracks players’ performances over the course of 25 solo games. Participants earn points for their final standing — first place getting 100 points, second gets 94 third gets 91 and so on — as well as earning six points per elimination. Each players’ score is at the end of their 25 matches is the total that will go on the official leaderboard.

The top 100 players during the tournament will earn V-Bucks, with 50,000 going to first place, second through fourth winning 25,000 and fifth through 50th will earn 13,500. The rest of the top 100 players will win 7,500 V-Bucks each.

But V-Bucks aren’t the the only prizes. Top performers in the Solo Showdown mode will also become eligible for invites to future Summer Skirmish events to compete for real money. This opportunity will provide players with a direct path from the amateur queues of Showdown to brushing shoulders with pro players and streamers in the developer’s official Fortnite competition.

Fortnite’s Solo Showdown limited time mode will go live on Friday morning and will remain open until Monday morning at 10 a.m. ET. Each player will have to complete 25 games to be eligible for prizes, and each region will have its own leaderboard of 100 winners.

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