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Fortnite items have begun to cross over into our world

The line between game and reality is starting to blur

investigating the Fortnite ‘anomaly’ in real life in the desert
An agent “investigates” the anomaly in the desert.

The in-game world of Fortnite is going through some serious shifts after a mysterious rocket launch caused cracks to stretch across the sky and also to appear and grow around the map. Certain items from the game have disappeared entirely, and it looks as if at least one of them has found itself in our world.

The sign from the Durr Burger, which recently warped out of the game, has popped up in the desert near Los Angeles, as discovered by photographer Sela Shiloni, who says they were out scouting locations.

There was also an unmarked police car and signs warning that they’re close to the “anomaly.”

The tweets went viral, and Shiloni of course thought this momentary fame would be a good way to get the word out about their work.

Other fans of the game have made the trip to the sign, and have posted video of what they’ve found. There’s an agent there passing out cards, and they claim not to know much about all this Fortnite business.

The card being given out by the agent has a phone number on it:

You can hear the sound of a rift opening if you call that number, and the area code suggests there’s something happening in Iowa. Perhaps something else from the game has landed there and no one has found it yet? Players have also been finding items that are popping into existence in the game, and seem to be coming from different eras in time.

Epic Games seems to have learned its lesson about creating mysteries in the game after the successful rollout of season four, and things are only getting larger in scope for the launch of season five. We have three days to go, and Epic may have given us our first look at one of the new skins in a tweet this morning.

Happy hunting! Let us know if you find anything out there.

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