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Fortnite ARG heats up as fans find llamas all across Europe

Fans are already on their way to France to find out where this might end

Fortnite Epic Games
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It all started with a burger in the middle of a desert. When fans found the Durr Burger mascot, which had conspicuously disappeared from Fortnite’s in-game Greasy Grove location, out in the real world, it seemed like a clear sign that something bigger was afoot. And, as it turns out, they were right.

In the lead-up to Fortnite’s upcoming fifth season, other strange incidents, including agents in Fortnite-style police cars showing up at the Durr Burger, real phone numbers that lead to strange noises and secret messages decoded by spectrograms, started cropping up, pointing to something larger than the game itself.

Early on Monday morning, Fortnite fan and Reddit user eversoris86, found a Fortnite llama standing just inside a phonebooth somewhere in London.

Reddit user eversoris86

Just a few hours later, a similar llama was found in Cologne, Germany, which was first posted in the Game Detectives discord by user bimbam512 and another in Barcelona, Spain, by Twitter user BCNYC.

By triangulating these three llama sightings, fans deduced that the next destination was just outside of Paris, France. However, before anything could actually be discovered in France, another llama was found in Warsaw, Poland, and posted on the Game Detectives Discord by user revisory, sending everyone back to the drawing board to figure out what exactly this might all be pointing to.

While North American fans continue to wait in the Californian desert to see what happens with the Durr Burger mascot, it seems that European players might have a few more llamas to find. With more information coming out every few hours, it seems that all of these real-world events are building toward something big relating to Fortnite Season 5, which begins July 12.