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Fortnite’s newest patch is coming out a little later than we expected

Patch 5.30 will be released a few days later than usual

Fortnite Epic Games
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Fortnite’s newest patch, v5.30, is on the way, but it’s going to arrive a little later than we were expecting.

Unlike most Fortnite patches, which come out on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, v5.30 will be released on Thursday this week. This announcement of the delayed release comes from a tweet from developer Epic Games, which also let us know that week seven challenges will be released on Friday, one day later than normal.

If you’re wondering why Epic is being so specific with the release of this week’s challenges, it’s because it’s not just a regular week. This week’s challenge marks the last one that players will have to complete before they earn the hidden Road Trip challenge skin. To complete this challenge, players will have had to unlock every challenge so far, as well as all of those from week seven in order to get this season’s hidden battle pass skin.

Last season, the hidden skin was known as The Visitor, and its release signified the start of all the cataclysmic end-of-season events that brought us to season five. While there’s no telling whether or not the skin will play such a large role in the season this time around, whatever this skin is it’s sure to be one of the best and most skins in the game when it releases on Friday.