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Tomato Temple is a perfect addition to Fortnite’s map

The tomato man has a new place of residence atop the temple

Fortnite - Tomato Temple Epic Games
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In Fortnite’s most recent patch, a brand-new location was added to the map: Tomato Temple. As the name suggests, this new location is a giant temple with a tomato head at the top. As strange as the temple may look the first time you see it, it’s the perfect way to fix some of the biggest problems with the Fortnite map.

Tomato Temple replaces Tomato Town on the map, with the temple itself seeming to fall from the sky and crush the old restaurant that once dominated the tiny location. As often as people mention Tomato Town, and as fond as memories of the area may be, the truth is that the loot there was never great. After all, there were really only about 10 places in which guns could spawn, and only a few chest locations — barely enough to load out one player, let alone a duo or squad.

Fortnite - Tomato Temple from above Epic Games

First and foremost, Tomato Temple fixes this problem. The new area has plenty of weapons and more than a few chest spawns, turning it into a halfway decent place to land, something that the northeast side of Fortnite’s map sorely needed. Sure, it’s no Tilted Towers, but there’s more than enough loot at the Temple to prevent you from feeling helpless for the rest of the match, especially if you get the place to yourself.

But more importantly than the loot, the new area gives players an entirely new kind of place to fight. Unlike the standard buildings and rooftops that make up most of the cities in Fortnite, fighting around the temple feels like a completely different experience that’s faster and more unpredictable. Tomato Temple provides a perfect change of pace after doing a few Salty Springs drops in a row.

Over the next few weeks, as people get used to the new location, fans are sure to mourn the loss of Tomato Town, especially since it happened with no warning at all. But the legacy of Tomato Town is not gone. The tomato-headed mascot of the town remains in the game, and now enjoys a new place of reverence at the top of the temple. For the rest of us, we just get a more fun place to play, and that’s all that really matters.

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