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Fortnite’s Road Trip Challenge skin has been revealed as the Enforcer

Fortnite’s newest skin is here and it only took seven weeks to earn

After seven weeks, the mysterious skin behind Fortnite’s Road Trip challenge has been revealed and players can already unlock it.

The skin, called Enforcer, was unlocked for players who completed step seven of the Road Trip Challenge. Just like last year’s Blockbuster Challenge, Road Trip required players to complete every challenge for each of the weeks that the Battle Pass has been live. The skin itself gives off kind of a ninja look and the flavor text associated with it says, “balance and order must be restored.”

While last season’s skin, the Visitor, was immediately part of the plot that would bring about Season 5, it’s much less clear what the Enforcer’s place in the game’s story is.

Subjugator backbling Epic Games

The skin also comes with a back bling piece called Subjugator, which looks like a small shield and can be equipped on any other skin in the game.

The Enforcer skin is available to anyone who owns the Battle Pass but requires players to complete seven full weeks of challenges before it can be unlocked and used in-game.

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