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Epic Games announce the Fall Skirmish, 6 weeks of competitive Fortnite

Epic’s second major tournament should be starting soon

Fortnite Epic Games
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Epic Game’s Summer Skirmish, the developer’s first long-term Fortnite competition, came to an end just a few weeks ago at PAX West. But Epic is wasting no time gearing up for the next competition, as the developer announced on Twitter on Monday afternoon that the Fall Skirmish event would be starting soon.

According to Epic’s tweet, the Fall Skirmish will have a total prize pool of $10 million, which will be given out to the top performing competitors during the event’s six weeks of competition.

While we don’t know much else about the event, we can expect — based on the Summer Skirmish — that there will be a series of rotating modes and popular Fortnite personalities to help host the competition. During the summer event, Epic invited various professional players and popular streaming to compete each week in a variety of events, sometimes in duos and other times individually. Epic often hosted two days of events each week, in order to give North America and Europe their own separate days of competition.

It’s unclear if this Skirmish event will once again end with a blowout celebration like the Summer Skirmish at PAX West, but if it does, it’s likely that fans will have another chance to compete for their own share of the price pool this fall.

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