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Fortnite season 6 begins next week, huge XP bonus begins now

Time to level up your Battle Pass

Fortnite - shark fires a minigun Epic Games via Polygon

So far, the lead-up to Fortnite’s sixth season feels a bit more sedate than the events that brought us season 5, but it’s also nice to have a big, bouncy lake in the game now. So maybe it all comes out even in the end? Either way, Epic Games has confirmed that season 6 will begin next Thursday, Sept. 27.

Players who are still trying to level up their Battle Pass to unlock this season’s items and skins before that happens will have some help: The game will give you 400 percent XP for playing from now until Sept. 24 at 8 a.m. EDT. That’s a nice incentive to play some matches over the weekend.

There haven’t been many clues about what we can expect from season 6, although following the giant purple cube as it rolled around the map was fun for a bit. The game’s lore seems like it has slowed down a bit this season, but new mysteries could pop up at any time between now and the launch of the new season. Players who are trying to take advantage of the XP bump will be keeping their eyes open over the weekend.

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