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Latest Fortnite season 6 tease looks to the past

Fortnite may finally be going back to the future

Epic Games

Epic Games teased season six of Fortnite yesterday with an image of the giant purple cube that included what looked like a DJ Llama skin, and that trend is continuing today with a tweet that shows off another new skin: This time a cowgirl with her face covered.

You can check out the image below, and notice that we’re being shown another side of the cube in this tease. We have one more day of hints to look forward to before the new season is released, which means we won’t have a lot of information to go by when speculating about the upcoming season.

Here’s the teaser image from yesterday, if you want to compare and contrast the two:

“Definitely feels like a Halloween Party vibe,” one player wrote on the game’s subreddit. “Which is really sick cause it means they can basically do whatever cool idea they have, and no one can really be disappointed that the skins don’t ‘fit the theme.’”

This season could also focus on time travel, as the first skin looks like a futuristic character and a cartoonish cowgirl would be an example of a character from the past. We’re going to have to wait until the third side of the cube with another skin is revealed tomorrow to see if there’s any kind of discernible theme, however.

Season six of Fortnite launches this Thursday, on Sept. 27.

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