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Fortnite Season 6’s final hint brings us a werewolf

Fortnite’s sixth seasonal theme continues to be a bit of a mystery

Epic Games

Fortnite, season six launches in the early morning on Thursday, Sept. 27, and Epic Games has released the third and possibly final tease about what we can expect from the new Battle Pass and tone of the upcoming content. The theme that runs through all the images is ... weird stuff? Honestly, we have no clue.

You can check out the latest tweet below, complete with a look at what appears to be a werewolf skin:

Here is the tease from yesterday:

And here’s the first tease from two days ago:

Each character is shown on a different side of the big, purple cube that rolled over the map before falling into Loot Lake, but there isn’t much else by way of an immediately recognizable theme. If one character is from the future and the other is from the past, as some people speculated, the werewolf is from ... another dimension?

What’s more likely is that Epic Games is just saying “to heck with it” and doing a sort of Halloween or costume-themed season so that every possible idea it may have for a skin can fit in without anyone complaining about the lore.

We’ll know much more tomorrow when the game’s sixth season officially launches, and I can’t be the only player hoping against hope for an extended Killer Instinct crossover based on today’s image.

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