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Fortnite’s new Season 6 Battle Pass has two customizable skins, Calamity and Dire

Dire is the level 100 unlock for the new Battle Pass

Fortnite’s new Battle Pass is here, and includes two very cool looking customizable skins.

The first of these skins, Calamity, is unlocked as soon as players purchase the new Battle Pass. It features an unassuming girl in a white tank top. Earn a few upgrades, however, and Calamity quickly turns into a badass outlaw-type complete with a duster, boots and a ten gallon hat.

Epic Games

The Dire skin goes in a pretty different direction. When you first unlock the skin, after hitting level 100 on the Battle Pass, it starts out as a basic looking male skin, similar to last season’s Drift skin. It gradually transforms into a full blown werewolf, however, who seems to potentially have a Samurai sword?

Both skins also seem to come with a variety of customization options outside of the standard armor pieces that have been featured in skins from the last several seasons. Players can change the accent colors on Calamity’s hat and jacket. Meanwhile, Dire’s entire color pallet gets a swap changing his fur color when he’s a werewolf, along with his clothing and eye color.

You’ll need to earn XP by playing Battle Royale matches in order to upgrade these skins, and unlock their various custom costume pieces. Each tier of upgrades will require higher and higher amounts of XP, which means that full Calamity outfits and fully decked out werewolves are going to be pretty rare. At least for now.

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