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Here’s everything that’s in Fortnite’s Season 6 Battle Pass

All 100-plus items here for you to look at

Epic Games
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Fortnite Season 6 is here and so is its Battle Pass. While previous seasons have stuck with their theme pretty loosely, this might be the first Battle Pass that seems to, more or less, keep its Halloween theme all the way from start to finish.

On the skins front, this Battle Pass has some of the best customizable skins we have ever seen in Fortnite with the Calamity and Dire skins. Between those two unlocks there’s a super detailed red riding hood-style skin, some kind of dark vampire woman called Dusk and not a single random military guy in the bunch.

None of this is to mention the most important of all the new cosmetics in this season’s Battle Pass: pets. These cute lovable creatures will live in your backpack and react to the way you play. There are three total types of pets, a dragon, a chameleon and a dog. The dog and the dragon even have customizable colors that you can unlock as your Battle Pass progresses.

With over 100 new cosmetic items to unlock, there’s a lot to see this season. Thankfully we got a look at every single item in the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass.


This year has the most consistent line up of skins in any Battle Pass. While Season 5 had quite a few, there wasn’t a consistent theme. This season, every skin fits and they’re all extremely detailed.


There isn’t much to say here, except who doesn’t want to bring an adorable companion with them when they jump out of the Battle Bus?


There’s nothing outstanding here, but it’s worth noting that Epic added the Running Man to the game. It seems it isn’t just newer dances that can find their way into Fortnite.

Loading Screens

Just like every season, the loading screens are mostly made up of content art from the Battle Pass skins this year as well as a few key choices from the skins that were released over the last few months. These are always cool, and Season 6 continues that trend.


There’s a giant bat! And when it opens it howls. If that’s not enough for you, there’s also a horrifying looking covered wagon that is most definitely haunted.


Epic has a habit of reserving the best axes for shop-based sets, so it’s no surprise that these aren’t too exciting. But it’s kind of fun to have a traditional lumberjack axe in the game now.


Once again, this season’s trails are pretty cool. There’s another bat theme here, as well as one that has jack-o-lanterns and each one has fantastic effects to back it up.


Not much here this time around. Instead of last year’s sports theme, Epic is keeping it very simple with a throwable tomato, and a fancy tomato, which ... has a face.

Back Bling

Honestly, the back bling this season looks pretty good, but it got a massive downgrade because that’s the slot your pet goes in. Sorry back bling.


Sprays continue to secretly be one of the coolest things in Fortnite. The art is great, they’re a fantastic way to disrespect your opponent after you eliminate them and very few people know they exist. Anyway, season 6’s are really good, start using them.


These are the exact opposite of sprays. They are, mostly, not cool. That isn’t their fault; their designs are good and if you’re into using them you’ll probably like these. But they are very small and hard to see when you’re actually playing.

Banner Icons

They’re banner icons. They show up on your profile if you want them to and you can change what color they are.

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