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Epic is finally fixing Fortnite’s uneven ground problem

Fighting in water just got a lot more manageable

Epic Games

Low ground has always been an issue for Fortnite players. Any time you’re walking on ground that’s slightly lower than the area around it, walls have to be placed in the ground first, with only the top part showing, before you can build something that gives your character cover from potential enemies. This frustration has been around since Battle Royale first launched, but Epic is finally doing something about it.

In patch v7.20, which is expected to launch sometime next week, Epic is implementing a fix that will allow players to automatically build two walls when they’re on low ground. This should help players immediately block enemy fire if they’re in a situation when they might not notice that the ground is lower.

While maintaining a high bar for player skill remains an important part of Fortnite, this new feature is specifically designed to only be necessary in these rare situations. In fact, it can only happen if the wall a player is trying to place needs another piece to connect to and that piece is at least 70 percent underground. As an added quality-of-life bonus for players, these pieces will also be completely free of material costs — which is nice since, most of the piece is underground anyway.

According to Epic’s announcement post about these changes, they’re specifically designed around walls, so it’s unclear if platforms and ramps will work in the same way. For all the details on the new change, we’ll have to wait until it comes to live servers next week.

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