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Fortnite’s glider redeploy is coming back ... sort of

Mountains are safe again!

Fortnite - gliding in Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest patch still isn’t here, but that hasn’t stopped Epic from giving players a few previews of what the patch will include. Last week, the developers explained that a new building fix was coming to make everyone’s lives easier, and this week, it turns out that the glider redeploy feature is coming back to the game.

The feature is almost exactly what it sounds like. Players can leap off of high structures and redeploy their glider to ensure that they land safely. Glider redeploy is one of the most controversial features that’s ever existed in Fortnite; after its short testing period late last year, Epic removed it from the game due to community feedback. Epic’s solution to the fact that glider redeploy made risky plays a little too easy is to add the feature back in as an item.

As of patch v7.20, which should be out sometime this week, players will be able to loot gliders on the map from chests, floor spawns, llamas, or vending machines, just like any other item. Each lootable glider will have a certain number of charges, and every time you redeploy your glider, it uses a charge. Don’t worry though. Taking rifts and launch pads won’t use up a charge of your redeploy, since they both put players into skydiving mode.

The idea is that by making the gliders an item, according to Epic, the feature’s strength will be mitigated by the fact that it takes up an item slot. This is likely to help alleviate some of the complaints that fans had about the glider redeploy. For the full impact, though, we’ll have to wait until patch v7.20 officially launches later this week.

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