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Fortnite’s NFL skins returning for Super Bowl LIII

You can even help predict the winner thanks to a new Limited Time Mode

Epic Games/NFL

Last year, during the NFL regular season, Epic Games partnered with the National Football League to release official team uniforms as cosmetics items inside Fortnite.

The items were wildly successful, but, as with all Fortnite cosmetics, they were only in the store for a brief time. Now, Epic is bringing the NFL uniforms back for a limited time. In celebration of their trip to Super Bowl LIII the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will also be getting a new white version of their uniforms to commemorate their trip to the big game.

The skins themselves will be available starting on Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. ET, though Epic hasn’t yet made clear when they’ll be removed from the shop again. Since the Super Bowl is on Sunday, Feb. 3, it’s safe to say they’ll last that long, though they’re unlikely to stick around long after that, since a new patch is likely to arrive on Tuesday.

Also coming to Fortnite in celebration of Super Bowl Sunday is the new NFL Rumble Limited Time Mode. The mode allows teams of 20 to face off against one another with everyone decked out in either a Patriots or Rams uniform, in Fortnite’s equivalent of the teams’ on-the-field competition.

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