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Fortnite is back with Chapter 2 and a new map

After almost two days of downtime Fortnite has returned

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Fortnite is finally back. The game went down on Sunday afternoon, and after almost two days of complete blackout, it has finally returned. But it isn’t the same old game you remember — Fortnite has returned as Fortnite Chapter 2, bringing with it a brand-new map along with dozens of other changes.

Based on a trailer that leaked on Monday morning, the new map will include swimming, fishing, and a new boat. There also seem to be new weapons around the map.

Fortnite’s brief vacation from the internet was all part of the end-of-season event for season 10. The event culminated in a rocket ship blasting into the sky, creating a black hole that sucked up Fortnite’s old map. After that, players were treated to a black screen with a circle in the center — something that proved surprisingly alluring to fans.

All of Fortnite’s social media went dark between the season ending and Chapter 2 starting, which means that players had no way to tell whether the game was coming back or not. Without warning, the game returned around 4 a.m. ET Tuesday morning, which is a fairly regular time for a Fortnite patch.

While it’s clear there are plenty of gameplay changes as part of this new season, we don’t know exactly what they are. Unlike previous seasons, Epic did not release patch notes for this update, so players will have to discover all of the changes in the game on their own.

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