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Fortnite’s sound is getting a very useful upgrade

You can finally tell if players are above or below you

A Fortnite player with an SMG eliminates another player in Chapter 2 season 1 Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite is finally getting some new and improved sound, Epic Games announced on Friday.

Epic Games released an update on the Competitive Fortnite scene, but this time around there was more news than just the start of season 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series. Epic also announced the introduction of a new feature called “3D Headphones.”

This feature is a new sound mode is specifically designed to give players a better more detailed Fortnite audio experience. Rather than the old sound mode, which often made telling the difference between a player above you and a player below you impossible, 3D Headphones should give players an accurate aural picture of exactly where their enemies are coming from.

The inaccuracy of Fortnite’s standard audio has long been a complaint from the community. According to Epic Games, this feature was tested by members of the competitive community in hopes of making it as accurate and useful as possible.

In order for the 3D Headphones mode to work best, Epic recommends that you use stereo headphones, and you’ll need to have the “Visualize Sound Effects” mode turned off, as that feature disables spatial sound effects all together.

This feature is currently live in Fortnite, and you turn it on from the audio settings menu.

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