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Epic seems to have fixed Fortnite’s Battle Pass XP problem

You might actually be able to level up your Battle Pass now

A Fortnite player jumping with a shotgun from Chapter 2 Epic Games via Polygon

For many Fortnite players, buying and leveling up the game’s Battle Pass has become a ritual. But in the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2, which started last week, players immediately noticed that leveling up a Battle Pass is harder than it used to be. Thankfully for players who have things-that-aren’t-Fortnite to do, Epic seems to have made leveling up the Battle Pass a whole lot easier.

This change to Chapter 2’s XP system came on Tuesday morning when Fortnite patch v11.01 went live. While players don’t know for sure what’s in the patch, because Epic doesn’t seem to be releasing patch notes this season, Redditors quickly discovered that the XP amounts granted for completing certain objectives have increased dramatically.

The punch card, which is a list of milestones players can reach, now grants up to 96,000 XP per day, rather than the 24,000 XP it granted when Chapter 2 first launched. Meanwhile, weekly challenges, which once granted just 140,000 XP now grant 520,000 for completion — though this won’t change the XP amounts for the challenges that are already out.

According to these same calculations it takes nearly 8 million XP to reach tier 100. While the old system would have meant that a fully leveled-up pass required a massive commitment, it now seems much more achievable. With the remaining weeks of challenges and plenty of daily medals, it now seems that these two things alone can get you all the way to tier 100 before the season ends.

With these new changes, the dream of a fully completed Battle Pass should be far more achievable. But even with this easier-to-earn XP, the Battle Pass will remain a commitment that not every Fortnite player will be willing to undertake, which should still help the highest tier rewards feel special for the players that earn them.

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