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Epic is working to improve Fortnite’s controversial new matchmaking system

For now, console players and PC players will still have to play together

Several Fortnite skins pose in front of a green background Epic Games
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As part of Fortnite patch v10.40, Epic updated the game’s matchmaking services in an attempt to make matches more competitive. In the new system, players of similar skill levels are now matched together, but some fans weren’t happy with the new system. In a Thursday afternoon post, Epic provided an update on the matchmaking, as well as a few other recent additions to Fortnite. It also let players know it’s working to improve the system.

The fan complaints about the new matchmaking system started almost as soon as Epic released the patch. While some players’ complaints had to do with the system’s effectiveness, others had concerns about the way that certain platforms were matched together. The biggest of all the complaints was that PC players and console players were now actively being matched together in standard modes. Even Switch players, who generally are stuck with around 30 frames-per-second, are matched with PC players who could be playing the game at more than triple the framerate.

Epic addressed this concern head on in its latest post, letting players know that the system takes platform into account. For now, the system groups players together if it feels they have a similar skill level on their respective platforms. But Epic says that it is monitoring “match analytics and your feedback,” and will make adjustments in the future to keep matches fair.

In the same post Epic also addressed a few questions players have about Fortnite’s new bots and controller aim settings. On the topic of bots, Epic explained that it isn’t planning on adding the ability to party up with bots, but there is a chance that an all bot mode could be in the game’s future. Epic is also apparently looking to make a few upgrades to the bots’ abilities, including possibly making them build a little bit better or even drive vehicles.

On the subject of controls, Epic’s post explains that players can revert their controller options back to the legacy settings, though Epic encourages players to give the new settings a chance. Epic is also looking at a few new customization options for keyboard and mouse players, including the ability to adjust build and edit sensitivities separate from aim sensitivity — one of the game’s most frequently requested features.

Finally, Epic ended the post by letting players know that The Combine will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. While the mode was just planned as a way for players to practice their aim as they got used to the new controls and aim assist settings, it’s proven so popular that Epic is making it a core mode.

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