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Fortnite is holding a fishing competition

Fortnite’s going fishing

4 Fortnite players fishing off a dock in Fortnite Chapter 2 Epic Games
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Fortnite may normally be a constant fight for survival, but this week’s it’s time for players to kick back and enjoy some fishing. To make things a little more interesting, Epic is introducing a fishing tournament to see who can catch the most fish in battle royale.

The fishing tournament, called Fishing Frenzy, will select one winner in each region from a variety of different categories. The Top Angler award will go to the player that catches the most fish in a single match during the competition. The Small Fry Champion will be the player that catches the most Small Fry fish during the competition, and the same goes for the Flopper and Slurpfish champions. The winners of each category will get specially engraved llama trophies to commemorate their top-flight fishing talents.

There will also be another, slightly less prestigious prize available during the event. Any player that catches a Mythic Goldfish during Fishing Frenzy will receive the Bottom Dweller Pickaxe.

Epic added fishing to Fortnite as part of the Chapter 2 patch last month. Players can find fishing rods scattered around the map and cast their lines into any available body of water. Once the line’s in the water, you wait for the float to get pulled down under the surface and you can whip the rod out of the water to see what you’ve caught.

The Fishing Frenzy tournament will start on Friday, Nov. 22 at 8 a.m. ET and run through Sunday, Nov. 24 at 8 p.m. ET. Anyone who uses a fishing rod during that time will automatically be entered into the competition — as long as you have your two-factor authentication turned on. Everyone who competes will get a free Play to Win spray. It’s important to note that Epic is looking for the best fishers here, so nabbing fish out of the water with the Harpoon Gun won’t count toward the competition.

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