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Fortnite’s season 8 teasers are all about fire and brimstone

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The season officially starts tomorrow

Epic Games

Fortnite season 7 has almost come to a close and that means season 8 is on its way. As a tease for the upcoming season, Epic has spent the last couple of days releasing vague images that give us hints of changes coming to the game.

In a tweet from Monday, Feb. 25, Epic showed off an image that seems to involve a stylized snake surrounded by fire. The next day, the Fortnite Twitter released an image that seemed to involve a dragon, also surrounded by fire, set against smoke-covered mountains.

These don’t give much away about the upcoming season, but they do all seem to have the same fiery theme in common. If it follows with previous seasons, these two images could be teases for the battle pass. This means we may be getting some reptile-themed skins next season.

On Wednesday, the day before season 8’s release, Epic tweeted the final teaser which gives us a little more information. The final image contains an active volcano, which would explain the fire from the other teasers. The strangest thing about this final teaser image is what’s in the background, which appears to be a ... banana with eyes? We can’t say for sure but we may be getting some kind of banana-based content this season.

Fortnite season 8 starts on Thursday, Feb. 28. While these teasers seem straightforward, they don’t reveal many details about what’s coming to the game. To know for sure what’s included in Fortnite season 8 we’ll have to wait for additional details from the battle pass and patch notes.