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Fortnite’s season 8 battle pass brings pirates and a banana man

You heard that right. There’s a banana man.

Fortnite Epic Games
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Fortnite’s latest season is here and that means it’s time for a new battle pass. Fortnite’s season 8 battle pass has skins that fit right into this season’s pirates-and-ruins theme, along with random ones like the dragon and banana man.

Among the standouts is Blackheart, which fits the pirate theme. Also in the pass are skins like Sidewinder, an adventurer, and Master Key, which may not fit the theme, but are still great additions.

Almost every skin in this season’s battle pass will have unlockable style options. While some of these are minor, the Hybrid skin evolves into a lizard. Players will have to complete various objectives to unlock the various alternate styles.

Another new feature is demonstrated via the Peely skin — which in this case is an actual living, breathing(?), banana, not a man in a banana costume. The Peely skin ripens over the course of a game and progressively changes colors. Fortnite has experimented with changing skins before, but they haven’t come in the battle pass previously.

Like previous seasons, season 8’s battle pass will be 950 V-Bucks (or about $9.50). The battle pass will come with 100 tiers of unlockable items, as well as four extra challenges a week. There will also be a pack that allows players to buy both the battle pass and the first 25 tiers of unlocks for 2,800 V-Bucks. Players who completed the Overtime Challenges from season 7 will get the battle pass for free, and can buy the 25 tier upgrade for a reduced cost.

For the players who don’t want to spend money, Epic offers several battle pass rewards for free. The free tier will include a few unlocks, as well as three challenges each week. Players who start with the free battle pass and decide to upgrade part way through the season, will have their progress carried over to the paid version of the pass.

Fortnite’s season 8 battle pass has 10 weeks of challenges and ends on May 8.

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