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Fortnite is teasing another Avengers crossover for Endgame

It looks like another Avengers event is on its way

Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame - Captain America shield artwork Epic Games
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There aren’t many things on the planet bigger than Fortnite and Marvel’s Avengers, and it seems they’re teaming up once again. It isn’t clear based on the tweet exactly what this crossover might mean, but it would appear it will begin on Thursday, April 25.

The tweet includes a Fortnite character skin, which looks like Bright Bomber, holding onto Captain America’s shield. Based on the image, it doesn’t look like we’re getting a simple return of Fortnite’s Thanos mode from the Infinity War event.

A Fortnite character carrying Captain America’s shield could mean quite a few things. It could mean Marvel-themed cosmetics (though there’s currently no cosmetic item that goes on characters’ arms). It’s also possible that we’ll get a new game mode, this time featuring Cap’s shield as a weapon or pickup of some kind.

Either way, it seems there really is another crossover coming. We’ll likely get a few more teases before the event goes live, but they’re sure to be just as mysterious as this one. We’ll have to wait until April 25 — the day before Avengers: Endgame’s release in theaters — to know anything for sure.

Update: A new teaser image has been released by Epic, this time featuring Stormbreaker, Thor’s ax first introduced in Infinity War.

Update: Epic has released a new Avengers teaser. This one features a Raptor skin using Iron Man’s Repulsors.

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