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Fortnite’s Dusty Divot has started to fill with lava, heralding big changes

Could this be the dawn of Lava Lake?

Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s latest season has reached the midway point, and Dusty Divot has started to fill with lava. This could herald some major changes on the horizon.

The appearance of lava at Dusty Divot only started on Wednesday, though the dig site that the lava filled has existed for a few weeks now. The dig site had a few Easter eggs in it, like dinosaur bones, meteors, and relics from seasons past. These objects were slowly destroyed by players over the last few weeks, revealing a number of extra chests in the pit. When players destroyed the last object on Tuesday, the dig site at the center of the Divot began to fill with lava.

Some players have speculated that this is an April Fools joke that landed a little too late but this seems larger than a single goof by Epic. The Divot itself has been at the center of fan theories ever since hints of a volcano first started to pop up in the middle of last season. Most of the theories revolve around the idea that Dusty Divot will fill with lava, so this recent development feels like a first step in that direction.

If the Divot does fill with lava, it will finally replace one of the map’s longest standing landmarks. Dusty Divot first appeared in season 4, replacing Dusty Depot when the meteor crashed onto the map. Since then, the area has grown and changed, first spawning a bustling research village. After The Visitor emerged from the pod hidden inside the meteor, near the end of season 4, the village was abandoned. The scientists left, trees and grass filled the area and grew around the dilapidated buildings.

What will happen with the area next? Dusty Divot occupies an important section of Fortnite’s map as the easiest place to reach either the east or the west. If the Divot fills with lava, we’re probably getting a lake full of lava at least for a little while. After that, it’s possible the lava could harden at the start of next season, forming a layer of igneous rock that could one day be home to the map’s newest city.

We’re sure to see a few more changes to the map, and Dusty Divot in particular, as season 8 continues. While nothing is out of the question for Fortnite, it does seem like a full area transformation won’t happen until the end of the season, which comes on May 8.

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