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Fortnite hotfix rolls out to address building delays

Everything should be back to normal now

female Fornite character firing the Tactical Assault Rifle in the snow Epic Games via Polygon

After any big patch for a game there are bound to be a few bugs. So, when Fortnite players found issues with building after the game’s latest patch, Epic set to work finding the cause. The problem was related to a potential solution for high-latency players experiencing slow builds that came with patch v9.10. Now that Epic has isolated the problem, it’s released a hotfix that reverts that change back to its pre-v9.10 state and should take care of the issue.

Epic hasn’t specified exactly what the issues being caused were, but players have been complaining about editing and gun swapping since yesterday’s patch went live. Perhaps the most prominent complaint came from streamer and content creator Hamlinz, who tweeted a video that showed his gun going invisible if he tried to switch to it while editing.

The hotfix has only just gone live, so it remains to be seen if problems like this will be fixed by taking out the edit change from patch v9.10. All of the other changes that came with this week’s patch will remain in the game, and the hotfix will only address the edit changes that were made. For a look at everything else that changed with the game in patch v9.10 you can check out the full patch notes.

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