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Epic admits it overpriced Fortnite’s Slippery weapon skin

Fortnite’s new wrap isn’t animated, so it’s going down to 300 V-Bucks

Fortnite’s Slippery Wrap
Fortnite’s Slippery Wrap
Epic Games
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Fortnite has had weapon wraps for a few seasons now and fans feel like they have a pretty good handle on what the pricing of the cosmetic items should look like. So, when Epic broke with that traditional pricing with the game’s new Slippery Wrap fans weren’t happy. After a bit of backlash, Epic has decided to change the price of the wrap to match fans’ expectations.

In the past, when Epic has sold cosmetic Wraps in the store, the standard has been that they would cost 500 V-Bucks for animated Wraps — which have moving patterns that constantly shift throughout the game — and 300 for non-animated ones. But the Slippery Wrap, which isn’t animated, was released at 500 V-Bucks. The wrap itself looks nice in-game with its fish-scale-like pattern, but without any animation fans were unhappy to see the price set at the higher tier.

Just two hours after the skin debuted, Epic acknowledged the criticism it was receiving from fans, and tweeted out an apology about the skin.

For now, the skin is still in the Fortnite in-game store, though it’s likely to rotate out soon as all Fortnite skins do. It appears that the skin itself couldn’t have its price changed while it was in the store, so the price listed remains 500 V-Bucks, but based on this tweet it would appear that Epic will still refund players who pay the higher price for the skin. Next time the Slippery Wrap shows up in the store, it will probably reflect the new 300 V-Bucks price point instead.

While Epic made a habit in the past of setting the prices on wraps around the idea of animated versus non-animated, this price change is the first time we’ve gotten an official confirmation of this difference. This may not be a guarantee from the company, but it seems likely that from here on out all of Fortnite’s wraps will be priced to reflect this difference.

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