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World’s best Fortnite dad coached son into $30M tournament

Okay, I totally cried

Fortnite’s World Cup is just around the corner, and players are giving it their all to qualify for the big event. BuckeFPS, like many other players, wanted to throw his hat into the ring. Unlike most players, however, BuckeFPS’ secret weapon was none other than his dad.

BuckeFPS uploaded a video where he showcases the crucial matches that helped him qualify for the Fortnite tournament, and in the backdrop of his careful play is one constant: his dad’s voice. As BuckeFPS tries to survive a closing storm circle and a handful of determined Fortnite rivals, his dad tries to calm him down, gives him tips, and encourages him. He also constantly reminds him of how many points his son needs, and how many people are left on the map. It’s not just your typical parent support here — the dad clearly knows how the game works at a high level, and is able to commentate the gameplay even as it moves at a fast pace. I love it.

For his efforts, BuckeFPS will get at minimum $50,000 for entering the World Cup — and the moment he realizes he’s secured that money is raw and emotional. “Just do me one favor,” the dad says. “Be a humble, thankful player.” When the reality of the situation sets in, and BuckeFPS knows what he’s accomplished, he can’t hold it in. The tears start flowing, and I’ve got to admit, hearing BuckeFPS’ reaction got me feeling tender too. Fortnite is giving people life-changing money, and that’s no small thing.

When the World Cup rolls around, it’s unlikely that BuckeFPS’ dad will be able to continue coaching him, given that it’s going be a LAN competition. Still, it’s probably going to help to know that his parents are cheering him on fiercely from the sidelines.

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